Monday, June 1, 2009

Under the boardwalk, Down by the sea, Yeahhhh!

What else is new in Korea-land??

North Korea is in the news worldwide, making threats, causing my poor mom to worry about me ... what jerks!

Very fitting sand sculpture at the Haeundae Sand Festival

The general consensus of the Koreans that I've asked is that yes, North Korea is scary, but they make these kinds of threats very often, and we should go about our lives and try not to worry too much. For now I'm keeping up with the news and have registered with the Canadian embassy in Korea and will heed any warning that they issue.
That being said, I hope this conflict can be resolved quickly, I am loving my experience here and don't want to be forced to leave prematurely. There is still so much of Korea left to see!
In other news, I bought a pretty new camera and can finally stop stealing George's. I'm sure he's almost as excited as I am. Not to mention that I'll be able to post more, and better quality pictures on here!

I had another good weekend, a trip to Nampo-dong for some shopping on Friday, followed by In-n-out style burgers in Mipo.

On Saturday I spent some time at the beach, checking out the Sand Festival, and discovering a new restaurant with an amazing fruit platter - very exciting stuff! We had another successful girl's night, starting things off by having some soju and diet coke outside my neighbourhood convenience store. This is perfectly acceptable here - yo're given paper cups when you buy alcohol, and there are chairs and tables set up outside most convenience stores. It almost makes up for not having a balcony on our apartment!

Sunday was PERFECT weather for the beach. I spent hours lounging in the sun and even swam a few times.

Korean class is still going well, although the amount of material we've covered is completely overwhelming!

Teaching is also still great. I love my school, the students and the workload (which is very light)!
I've been informed that during the summer break I'll be working 3 weeks at a camp held by a local university which will be a nice change of pace. Although schools have a 6 week summer vacation here most kids still attend these summer camps to further their learning. Our contract stipulates that we only have 10 vacation days (and that includes weekends, so really only a week), but as of right now my coteacher thinks I'll have 2 weeks off after I've worked 3 weeks of camp - sweeeet! Now I just need to plan where I'm going to travel during this time off!

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