Monday, June 8, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This weekend I visited a Korean orphanage with Laura and Caitlin.

It's something we'd been talking about doing for weeks, and we finally managed to find an orphanage in Busan that would allow us to visit. The kids ranged in age from babies to 7 year olds. We spent the entire hour and a half of our visit with one group of kids, who muct have been about 2 or 3. They were absolutely adorable! And really just wanted to be hugged.
We gave about a million piggyback rides, which were a huge hit, and just sat and played with the kids for the rest of the time. I wish a few more people had been able to come with us, because between the 3 of us we just didn't have enough hands to be hugging or picking up enough kids at a time. They were just so happy to see us, and excited to get some attention, it was really touching. It was hard to leave after such a short visit, but it was lunch time so we were given the boot. We're hoping to go back on a weekly basis, and with more people next time.
For anyone is Busan who is looking to go, let me know and I'll get you the details!

The North Korean situation remains unchanged here, people are still largely unconcerned. Here's an interesting documentary if you have an hour or so to spare:


  1. I'm enjoying reading these posts and looking at all the pics. Sounds like you are getting the most out of your experience there. What a great account you'll have here after a whole year!

  2. (That was Ruthie, your mom's friend! That's just my blog ID)

  3. Hi,

    Came across this post while searching for orphanages in Busan. I've been teaching here for a couple months and wanted to visit or volunteer at an orphanage, but I haven't been able to find much information. I'd appreciate any info you have!


  4. Hi! I am also looking for an orphanage to visit in Busan. Where abouts do you live? I am in Yeonsan Dong. Let me know, I would love to join!