Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday morning rain is falling

I found a triathlon club ... I think.

I was swimming at the Grand Hotel on Friday and I guy hopped into my lane wearing an ironman bathing cap, so I pointed to the cap and gave him a thumbs up. Luckily he spoke a bit of English and proceeded to invite me to do an ironman distance triathlon with him and his club - in 2 weeks hahahahaha. That's clearly not happening, but it was a nice offer ;)

I continued on with my workout and as I finished my last length I sat up to about 15 Koreans standing around in their lanes looking at me. It was awkward enough that I tacked an extra 100m onto my cooldown! As I was getting out of the pool my ironman friend called me over and started explaining their groups training schedule to me. He also offered to loan me a bike, and once again asked if I wanted to do an ironman triathlon in 2 weeks. I really am sill not sure what the actual training schedule is, or if I'm being asked to join the group or not, but they swim daily, so I'm going to go back and try to get some more info this week.

I've finally gotten back into the groove with working out. Last week I ran 3 times, swam once and made it to the gym twice. The week before I ran 5 mornings. I think I am finally on "Korea time"!

Running in Korea is wildly entertaining. It doesn't quite beat running with 3 goofy labs in Selwyn, but it comes close in the comedy department. Each morning I can be guaranteed to see at least one of the following (usually more): little dogs wearing costumes, jewellery or dyed in pastel colours; people doing weird interpretive dance at the end of the water; people just leaving the bar and doing all kinds of crazy things; elderly Koreans doing the national stretch (it contains alot of hip rolling!); and lots of other random sights. For example, last week I saw the entire bar staff of a popular place in Haeundae on the beach at 6:30am, in staff uniform, practicing bar tending tricks!

This weekend George and I decided that we weren't going to drink or go to the bars because we wanted to actually do things, and not waste our days being hungover. What a good call - we had an amazing weekend!

On Saturday I went to the gym beside my building and then decided to treat myself and ordered McDonalds delivery for breakfast for the first time. I managed t get to the post office and send some packages and letters home. We then went to a temple by the sea, visited the orphanage, walked through a botanical garden and spent 2 hours at a coffee shop overlooking the beach, studying Korean!

On Sunday we had another gym date then went to Shinsaegae department store. We had an awesome meal in the food court, then checked out the attached skating rink and browsed through some stores. Back in Jangsan we tried to go to the movies, but although movies like Terminator, Star Trek and Wolverine come out in Korea on the same dates as back home we couldn't find The Hangover anywhere. Very disappointing!

Rainy season is apparently here ... we had a downpour for the majority of yesterday, some rain on Saturday night/Sunday morning but sunshine today. The nice weather is supposed to last until the weekend, then the rain will carry through into next week. The humidity is crazy - my hair has some curls for the first time ever! Other then that rainy season is not so fun. I need to invest in a pair of rain boots.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!

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