Tuesday, March 9, 2010

With glowing hearts!

The Olympic spirit found me, even in Korea.

I can't believe my terrible luck though ... the Olympics were on Canadian soil ... in the one year that I was not!

Watching the games in Korea was a totally different experience. Overall it was extremely frustrating. The English speeches were dubbed out during the opening ceremonies, the only events shown were Korean-dominated events like speed skating and figure skating, and the coverage only lasted a few hours a day.

Coming from a home where the Olympics are watched religiously, this was a major disappointment.

However, in my year in Korea, I was the most proud of my roots during the Vancouver games. It was amazing to see Canada's pride and victories, and even just watching the athletes enter the stadium during opening ceremonies brought tears to my eyes.

One extremely positive thing that I gained from the games (and the awful coverage in Korea) was an intense pride in Canada, and an appreciation for the Olympic culture, interest and obsession at home!

Check out this incredible video:
Stephen Brunt Video Essay

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