Friday, March 19, 2010

Leaving town, leaving town.

Less than a week left in Korea!

This is my last weekend, I have 3 days of teaching left, and only 7 sleeps until Bangkok.
Where did the time go?!

I am so excited to do some travelling and then return to Canada, but I am really going to miss certain aspects of Korea.

Oo Mi has arrived home safely!!!!!!!!
I highly recommend The representative did an excellent job, and patiently answered my millions of questions, and saved us the stress of having to navigate customs by ourselves.

Speaking of recommendations, here are mine:

Bocky's Best of Busan

Non-Korean Food: Blowfish in Songjeong makes the best burgers in the city hands down and there are 2 adorable pet cats to play with; Sunset Lounge in Mipo has a wide selection, and specials each day; For Vietnamese food, Pho Mien in the Benecity building in Dongbaek is phenomenal; for amazing Japanese BBQ go to Jangsan station, exit 4, walk straight to Hinomura (S set is great for 2 people); Mexican food - Taco Senora, Haeundae.

Korean food: well, aside from the classics at o-shops (orange signed Kimbap shops, otherwise known as 김밥충국) such as kimchi jiggae, cheomchi dapbap and kimchi bokk eum bap there are some excellent Korean foods to be found. In Jangsan I like mix things up between bbq, sundubu and shabu shabu and George swears by Geomjatong.
For navigating O-shops, check out this awesome blog post:

Sights around Busan:
Haedongyounggungsa temple, Songjeong
UN Cemetery
Beomeosa temple and hiking
Oncheonjang cable car
Seokbulsa temple
Busan tower
Botanical gardens, Oncheonjang
Igidae Park

Blowfish, Songjeong - great summertime beach bar, awesome staff
Thursday party, Gwangalli - can't beat the view
Rock and Roll House, Haeundae - again, great view

Nampodong outdoor and underground
Seomyeon underground

And there you have my favourite places in Busan!

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