Thursday, January 21, 2010

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting.

So, with a beach vacation looming, I've been on a real fitness kick lately.
I've been joining George at the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Gym that he goes to for weekly conditioning classes.
If you're interested in watching videos of what goes on at Korean Kartel Gym, check out the website! I'm in a bunch of videos under the conditioning section.

We've also done some good hiking around Busan the past 2 weekends. First was a hike from Beomeosa temple along the Geomjeong Fortress to the cable car in Oncheonjeong. The second started at Oncheongjeong station and went up the mountain, through Nam Moon Village and to Seokbulska, the stone temple. The weather has been perfect for hiking and I've found myself asking why I haven't done more hiking this year!


  1. Ive been asking myself this question all year round and im starting to think if im schizophrenic!
    How high was the hike?

  2. no idea! the one starting at beomeosa was nice because it ran along the top of the mountain, so was relatively flat ... the one to seokbulsa was quite difficult and hilly!