Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rain rain go away

So, it's rainy season here in Korea ... and today was terrible!
I set out to walk to my bus stop this morning, and after about 2 minutes I was soaked to the knee. My tiny umbrella was no match for the torrential downpour and soon i was completely drenched. Somehow even my hair was wet before I was 5 minutes from home.
Just before my bus stop I have to cross a road and walk up a hill. This road at the bottom of the hill was completely washed out. There is no other way around and I was already miserable, so I proceeded to wade through water that was well above my ankles - I probably now have some kind of gross Korean foot fungus!
The bus ride to school was almost double the normal time, as the area around Songjeong beach was completely flooded. Water was up over the sidewalks and about midway up the tires of cars, and that was at 7:30am. The rain hasn't let up all day, so the ride home should be interesting.

In happier news, George bought a scooter on Saturday. He's been talking about getting one since before we'd even arrived in Korea, and is so happy to own his first vehicle! I've got to admit, it's alot of fun and waaaay more convenient.

Only 4 sleeps til my mom and Pam arrive ... hopefully it's done raining by then!

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