Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh happy day!

My Mom and Pam arrived in Korea on Saturday night and I couldn't be happier! George and I wore some sweet couples shirts to pick them up from the airport.

It still seems so surreal that they are actually in Busan.

The weather has been terrible. It's easily the worst we've had all summer, but at least it's hot, which apparently is a wonderful change after the cold summer they've been having in Canada. So far they've been to Haedongyoungoonsa (temple by the sea), Jangansa (a mountain temple near my school), the Busan museum, Haeundae beach, Busan Aquarium, Gwangalli beach and bridge and APEC house. They also got to spend a few hours at my school yesterday, sitting in on the kindergarten and grade 1 classes, and getting to experience the caferteria food at lunch.

We've take them to a few of our favourite restaurants so far including Korean bbq, kimbap and shabu shabu.

I'm hoping that the rain will miraculously clear tonight or tomorrow so that we can go to a Lotte Giants game.

Either way, I am SO happy to have visitors!!

:) :) :)

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