Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where my party, pa-party, party, pa-party people at?

How does so much time pass between blog entries?

Sorry to anyone who is actually trying to follow this thing - I had a busy week!

There were major 2 holidays in Korea this past week - Buddha's birthday on May 2nd and Children's Day on May 5th. It was also my school's birthday on the 4th so I was lucky enough to have a 4 day weekend.

George's friend Quan was visiting from Seoul so we took him out to Haeundae beach on Saturday. It wasn't exactly sunbathing weather but we had a nice walk, and checked out APEC house on Dongbaek Island.

I had a joint birthday party with my friend Erin on Saturday night which was alot of fun ... maybe even too much fun? Sunday was spent in bed, watching season 1 of Friday Night Lights - best show EVER. My only time leaving the apartment was at 6pm to get more aloe water and bi bim bap takeout from downstairs.

Monday involved some sunbathing during the day, and Monday night involved some serious drinking. We decided to really embrace the Korean bar experience and stay out until 5am when the subway re-opens and it's starting to get light - again, why am I so stupid? I'm still exhausted. The fact that the bars here serve you a steady stream of free snacks as part of the Korean service gift phenomena is great - I love the popcorn and salty spaghetti-like sticks at Thursday party! Anyways, I can now say I've stayed up all night in Korea, congratulations to me.

This is going to be a one-time thing, we have barely gone out since we've arrived, choosing instead to hike, explore and avoid nasty hangovers. I blame Quan's influence.

Tuesday was perfect beach weather - hot and sunny, and we managed to get to Haeundae around noon, even though we'd been out until 6:30 am the night before (a Mcdonald's stop was necessary on the way home). I got a lot of sun and even swam in the ocean for the first time since being here. It was freezing, but after an hour of toasting in the sun, necessary. I must say, my tan is the best it's ever been in early May!

In other news I haven't managed to do too much running ... a 6.5 on friday, 5ish on Monday and 9 on Thursday morning. The long weekend, and subsequent exhastion has made it difficult! I have however singed up with a brand new foreigners running club in Busan, I'll keep you posted on how that goes, we're supposed to be meeting this weekend.

Also on the schedule, a 10km race Sunday morning (maybe). Some confusion over the all- Korean website and registration ... I'm currently not registered (whoops!). Hoping to get some help with that tonight.

Planning on a quiet weekend, probably hitting up the movies tonight to see Wolverine (and more importantly, my favourite, Taylor Kitsch). George has found a baseball team and is going to a practice tomorrow. I'll probably head to the beach (weather permitting) or a public bath house, aka Korean Spa - nudity galore .... hmmmmm.... People I've met say it's an incredible experience once you get over being embarassed, but I have been putting it off.

Check back Monday to see if I ran the race or braved the bath house!!!

Miss you all at home xoxoxox.

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