Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock .....

On Monday George and I recieved our contracts and notices of appointment from Korea - very exciting news!

We set out Tuesday morning and applied for a South Korean visa at the consulte in Toronto. This is the last thing we need before leaving for Korea and we couldn't get any information on how long it would take aside from the standard "5-10 busness days". Not an issue, right? We will just arrive late for orientation, but we'll get there, so all is ok, or so I thought ...

I checked my email this morning and had news from my recruiter that if we are not in Korea by midnight on the 26th (of February) then we have to wait until March 26th ... NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Terrible, terrible news! I am ready to leave NOW, not in a month. I was planning on giving notice at work today but that has to be put on hold until I can call the consulate and see if there is any way to speed the process up. 5 business days from now, the shortest time a visa would take to be complete is next Tuesday the 24th. Just in time to pick up our visas, jump on a flight and make it to Korea before the deadline.
That's possible, right?


  1. Good Luck Maddie, I'm sure it'll work out.

  2. Hi Maddie!! I hope everything gets going for you and George. I am so excited for you and wish the the best adventure that you could possibly have. I will be sure to keep checking in on you!!

  3. Hey Maddie! Great job on the blog. I can't wait to read about your adventures, it must be such an exciting time for you guys.
    Be sure to say hi to your roommate Scott for me.

  4. Hi Maddie, Miss you! Hope you have a good time. I'll keep looking for new updates. Don't forget you still owe us a picture of you and George riding a two person bicycle. From Kelly.