Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meow Meow Meow Meow

So we are officially en-route toThailand (we've made it as far as the departures lounge of the Gimhae airport in Busan). I thought I'd use the time to update my blog with some very exciting news.
We have adopted a kitten. Last Sunday George texted me a picture of a cat and her kitten. They lived behind Blowfish bar in Songjeong. The owners of the mother cat were looking for a home for the kitten and George volunteered, surprising me with the news on the morning we were to bring her home.
She moved in on Sunday, terrible timing since we were only a week away from vacation, but they wanted her to be taken in at that time so there wasn't much choice. So we brough the kitten home, assuming that it was a boy, as we had been told. Approximately 2 seconds into a Skype call to my dad, we were informed that calico cats are all female ... so it turns out that we brought home a little girl!
We used our cell phone dictionaries to come up with a Korean name, and settled on 우 미 (Oo Mi), which was supposed to mean "grace and elegance". We figure she'll either undergo a huge change and grow into the name, or it will be funny because it's ironic. After speaking to some Korean friends were were told it means something a little different ... I think "bitchy or stuck-up", and has a bit of a negative connotation. Oh well, we like it!
One of the owners of Blowfish has 2 kittens of her own who live at the bar, and agreed to take Oo Mi while we are on vacation, which is a total lifesaver! We dropped her off this morning, and I hope she takes well to her time as a bar cat!
I think our flight is boarding soon, so I have to go, updates from Thailand soon!!!

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