Monday, April 20, 2009

Up in the gym just workin on my fitness

Good news: I've finally found the time and energy to start working out again!

The first few weeks here it was close to impossible with all the trips to various offices and stores to set up bank accounts, get medical checks, alien registration cards, and set up our lovely apartment. Even if I had the energy, I would have been hard pressed to find any time!

However, I've finally recovered from the jet-lag and am settling into a routine. I've also adjusted to the cuisine and am now consuming enough calories to actually sustain me in a workout!

Not that I've been inactive, I've climbed mountains, walked the coast, the beach, everywhere! I'd just let my triathlon training slide completely which is disappointing, but a change is underway.

Last Wednesday I ran with a new friend Erin, and on Friday I went with George. There are an extensive network of running paths around my apartment. The paths are tar and rubber, so nice and cushiony, and bordered by tress and flowers, so are visually pleasing. I plan on spending alot of time on them.

This morning I ran to the beach with Erin. We ran the length of the beach then back home, overall a nice 6.3 km jog with some breathtaking scenery. Going before work was a nice start to my day and I hope to do this a few times a week.

As we were heading out on our ferry tour on Saturday I saw a group of people heading into the oean for an open water swim ... I'm assuming some triathletes. I plan on staking out the beach next Saturday in hopes of seeing them again. I'm also going to ask my coteacher to help me contact the lists of triathlon clubs in Busan area since the websites are all in Korean.
I've also found 2 pools nearby and plan on swimming later this week. It will be the first time since leaving home so I'm sure I'll feel like I'm drowning ... great.
Wish me luck!

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