Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

It's finally that time - we're going to Korea!
In a few hours I'm heading to Mississauga for the night then flying out at 9am tomorrow. We'll be arriving in Seoul at 5:30pm Korean time on Thusday (4:30am here).

Packing has been a nightmare - I think only about 1/3 of the stuff I had planned to take actually fit into my suitcases, but they are ready to go after hours of re-arranging. Let's hope Korea has my size of clothing and footwear. I need to re-stock!

Thanks to everyone at home for all of the well-wishes. I'll really miss of of you :)

What I'm looking forward to:
  • missing an entire Canadian winter
  • experiencing a new culture... food, language, customs, EVERYTHING
  • traveling around southeast Asia
  • working with kids again after  long year away from coaching

What I'll miss the most:
  • my wonderful friends and family
  • Dexter, my puppy
  • living on the lake and all the fun that summer brings
  • slices from pizza villa
  • the amazing tri group at the Y
  • driving

My packed suitcases and one sad puppy

Well that's my last blog post from Canada ... I'll update from Korea (!!!!) as soon as I can. We're scheduled to attend an orientation in Seoul until the 30th, before moving into our apartment in Busan, so I'll let everyone know how things are going as soon as I have time and internet access.


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  1. Great picture. Brought tears to my eyes.
    Love Mom